Membership Terms

As an Evolve Alliance member, you agree to these simple terms and conditions of use of the site.    

    1. Your purchase and use of Evolve Alliance is subject to and conditional on the terms and conditions listed in this document. Where the User (Member) of Evolve Alliance is not the purchaser of the Product (such as in the case of where the Evolve Alliance subscription is purchased by an Australian Financial Services Licensee or product provider and is provided to the end User – regardless of whether the purchaser seeks reimbursement from the Member), the use of Evolve Alliance by the Member (that’s you!) is subject to these terms and conditions.
      2. You can accept these terms and conditions by answering Yes in your purchase process (after you read them in full). Furthermore, by using Evolve Alliance it is also taken that you have accepted these terms and conditions.
      3. At any time, you can access a copy of these terms and conditions via the link in the footer of your Evolve Alliance portal. 

Practice License 

    1. This is a Practice License where use of Evolve Alliance is limited to members of the named advice practice conducting a self-directed Business Analysis and accessing inspiration, tools and resources with which to evolve their business. If you do allow use of this license by members of your advice practice other than the Principal, it is important to note that if you have completed the Business Analysis (BSW) – your staff will have access to the report saved in your portal and view all of your business information within it, including historical financial data.
      2. The Practice (Member) is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license to use Evolve Alliance subject to these terms and conditions. Without limiting the above, the Member must not sub-license or in any other way provide any third party outside of their immediate advice practice with access to Evolve Alliance or the materials within the portal, or in any other way provide the third party with the ability to use Evolve Alliance.
      3. Should the Member wish to provide access to Evolve Alliance to their staff members outside of the Practice License (in the instance that you wish to limit access to the business information contained in the BSW and Business Analysis Report), they will need to purchase an additional team member login, and each team member will be bound by these terms and conditions. 

Consent given by you – as an anonymous source of information 

  1. The Member grants its consent to Elixir Consulting (and Evolve Alliance) to use any information fed into Evolve Alliance by the Member for benchmarking purposes and for inclusion in future programs, models and research reports. 
  2. Elixir (and Evolve Alliance) will not in any way name or otherwise disclose the identity of the Member in its use of the information.
  3. Where the Purchaser of Evolve Alliance is different to the Member of Evolve Alliance (such as in the case of where the Evolve Alliance subscription is purchased by an Australian Financial Services Licensee or product provider and is provided to the end User – regardless of whether the purchaser seeks reimbursement from the Member), Elixir will not disclose the information fed into Evolve Alliance by the Members to the Purchaser of the Product, without prior written permission by the Member.

Intellectual Property 

  1. The Member agrees and acknowledges that Elixir Consulting owns all rights, title and interest in Evolve Alliance including Evolve Alliance’s content and this includes all intellectual property rights and interests that subsist in Evolve Alliance and its content. In addition, Evolve Alliance contains information that is confidential and the Member agrees not to disclose any information without prior written consent. 

Changes to these terms and conditions 

  1. Evolve Alliance may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time by written notice to the Member. Notice may be given electronically.

Access to discounted offers

  1. Members will be provided with discount offers from Provider Members and external service providers. It is a condition of membership to the Evolve Alliance that you will not solicit any providers to obtain a discount directly without meeting their standard terms for wholesale pricing. 


    1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Elixir Consulting expressly disclaim any and all liability for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the use of Evolve Alliance. 
    2. The Member is responsible for all business decisions, not Evolve Alliance, nor Elixir Consulting. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information and ideas provided throughout Evolve Alliance are provided with all due skill and care, Elixir Consulting does not guarantee the results or outcome regarding the adoption of any ideas or courses of action with respect to the business of the Member. It is the responsibility of you, the Member to assess the suitability of the information and ideas and in all cases,  it is the Member that makes the final decision as to whether to implement the ideas.
    3. With regard to offers and services from Provider Members;  Evolve Alliance provides a first line of due diligence and negotiates discounts on Member’s behalf.  Evolve Alliance does not guarantee quality of service from Provider Members – you as the Member retain responsibility for your own due diligence and commercial decisions about the service providers you choose to engage.


  1. Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of your subscription to Evolve Alliance and you will no longer receive the Evolve Alliance discount from any Provider Members whose services you are utilising.


  1. Elixir Consulting Pty Ltd is the beneficial owner and architect of Evolve Alliance and holds the distribution rights for Evolve Alliance.