Thrive in the Ever-Changing Landscape of Financial Advice

Your digital business improvement portal, providing you with unlimited access to practical tools, templates, video how-to’s and proven strategies to help you evolve your financial advice business.

Members Get UNLIMITED Access To:

A complete suite of practical tools, templates, how-to guides and resources to enable you to get maximum ROI from the precious time you get to spend on your business.

We are lifting the lid on business intelligence previously reserved for Elixir clients to provide you with tailored resources across 16 key business elements in various mediums.

Our aim is to arm you with the practical knowledge you need to improve, survive and thrive in today’s advice landscape, in your own time and on your own terms.

Hundreds of articles, videos, procedures, templates, and guides are included in your membership. Don’t be fooled by the affordability of the Alliance – we’re not talking sparkle dust here. It’s valuable, practical, ‘take away and implement instantly’ stuff. Not a random collection of ideas, it’s carefully curated and structured in such a way that you can tailor your experience to find what you need to work on your business right now, then return again and again to access more resources as you work through different elements of your business evolution. 

You’ll have access to our thorough Business Analysis process, purpose-built for financial advice businesses, to identify the areas in your business that need improvement, and to help you focus and celebrate your evolution over time.

The Elixir coaches’ extensive experience working with advisers has allowed us to identify the most valuable and practical tips and resources for you so you’re not wasting your time with stuff that sounds good but doesn’t work. This is the cure to the ‘something shiny’ syndrome…it’s not just providing you with inspirational ideas that you can’t implement.

Until now, the only way to access all of these resources was to become a coaching client, which meant that access was restricted to only those advisers with the capacity to engage Elixir directly.

Through the Evolve Alliance, we’re now putting the tools directly into the hands of the forward-thinkers who are committed to evolving their business to thrive in the new landscape of advice.

If you need our assistance, we’ll still be here to roll up our sleeves and help in a coaching capacity – and you and your team can access the Alliance at all other times. 

 You’ll find the following materials:

Ideas and Inspiration

You probably know what areas you want to improve in your business, but you don’t know quite how – and you certainly don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Draw ideas and inspiration for tested and proven strategies you can implement from a range of articles and videos – all from subject matter experts who have seen your challenges before.

Adviser-directed content – if there’s something you need that’s not yet in the portal, we’ll build it… ensuring that your membership stays valuable for you as your needs (and the profession!) continues to evolve.


Tools and Templates
Why waste time putting together procedures, client service initiatives, workshops etc. from scratch when you can leverage the work of others? You’ll get access to a heap of templates that you can customise to suit your business. From a claims management guarantee to adviser KPI and balanced scorecard to client meeting agendas to a checklist to complete due diligence on a business for sale… you name it, it’s in there! (And if it’s not, we’ll build it!)


Live Case Studies
Listen in while a subject matter expert interviews an adviser who’s been through the challenge you’re facing and has come out the other side.

We take a deeper dive into the businesses of advisers around the country and shed light on people and practices you haven’t heard from before. We ask the big questions and compile the answers in a way that will allow you to go away and implement changes in your practice today.

There are loads of scenarios, with new content every month where we get up close and personal, digging deep into specific experiences only revealed to Alliance members.

Case study interviews are available in video or audio format – however you prefer to consume.


An in-depth DIY business analysis tool that shows you where your weaknesses are – so you’re never left wondering “which problem should I solve first?”

Before you start working on moving your business forward, you have to know where to start, and what problems need fixing first.

When we start working with a new client we help them figure this out by spending a day in the office with them analysing their business. Unfortunately we can’t do that for everyone.

So instead we’ve opened up access to our extensive business analysis tool and built it into Evolve Alliance.

This way, instead of having to go through every piece of content in the portal until you find what you need, you can do an in-depth analysis and spot your real problems right away, so you know exactly where to start and what to fix first.

The analysis is a series of dynamic questions, which takes about 30-45 minutes to fill out online. Once you complete the analysis, you get a report that shows you exactly where your weaknesses are, with financial analytics and (very soon), benchmarking capability.

Often times we find that simply the act of filling out the questions in the analysis gives you a new way of looking at your business, and makes you consider things you may not have thought of before.

As an Evolve Alliance member you’ll get access to your full analysis report, including a list of suggested action items you can complete to solve your challenges.

Once you know what you need to work on, you can find the solution you need in the content library easily and without wasting any time.

You’ll also have the ability to re-analyse down the track after implementing ideas, so you can continually refocus on what will drive the results you’re after.

The Business Success Wheel (Pictured Right)

We use the analogy of a wheel to give you a visual snapshot of your Business Analysis at a glance.

Ideally, you’ll have all straight spokes on your wheel, so that you can reach the destination you’re aiming for with speed, and can handle any challenges that are thrown in your path.

green section with a straight spoke means you are doing well in a certain area.

yellow section with a wonky spoke means you need a bit of work on a certain area of your business.

red section with a missing spoke means you urgently need to fix that area.

And finally, whether the tire is flat or inflated indicates “the vibe” in your business – the intangible elements around energy and culture of a business that come from taking care of the people within it.

Access to service providers on your terms.

There’ll be times when you have a problem to solve, but you don’t have time – or don’t know where to start – to find a service provider to help you.

We’ll find your shortlist, do your initial due diligence, check out their references from other advisers who have successfully used them, and where possible, we’ll negotiate to help leverage the collective buying power of the Evolve Alliance group.

You’ll be able to view their initial sales presentation in your own time with no pressure to commit. If you like what you see you can reach out and investigate further on your own terms, so nobody wastes each others time!

  Ready to Thrive in the New Landscape of Advice?

Growing your practice and turning it into an asset that will hold its value for years, even decades to come, doesn’t have to be hard.

If you want to reinvent your business this year, if you want to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of advice, Evolve Alliance will provide you with the inspiration and the tools you need to make it happen.

  • Business Analysis tool – revisit your Business Success Wheel as often as you’d like
  • Unlimited access to successful business strategies available any time from anywhere
  • Specialised content, tools, and templates across the 16 elements of an advice business that will impact your success
  •  Video and audio ‘warts and all’ interviews with advisers and service providers
  • An entire procedures manual template, including workflow processes and client communication templates across most processes in an advice business –  new client onboarding, client reviews, referral management, advice implementation – fully customiseable to suit your business

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In comparison, you’ll pay between $600 – $900 elsewhere for an online Business Analysis tool just to get an automated analysis report. And that doesn’t include the library of resources that will help you overcome your challenges, or the community of like-minded advisers to draw from.

Please Note: in addition to your Business Analysis, over 250 articles, videos, procedures, templates etc are included in your membership, and we’re adding new content every month.

 Evolve Alliance Membership

$1,100 per annum OR $110 per month

(Minimum 12 month commitment. Each additional team member = + $550/yr)